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My Week at Toronto Fashion Week

March 20th 2016

          This week I was given the opportunity to shoot the Toronto Fashion Week.  It was my first time to ever shoot a runway fashion show.  I was quite excited to try out another type of photography assignment.  I was looking forward to learning new skills and taking photos of subjects in an environment I've never been in before.  

          Going into the week I was very excited yet nervous at the same time.  I heard many things about shooting a runway show, some not so good but most were quite positive.  One thing I was a little worried about was the rumours I heard about the arguments over spots on the media risers at end of runway.  Well I have to say that at this show things couldn't have been better.  Just to give you a visual there were 8 or 9 seats on the floor with 3 flat risers going up behind the seats.  The front chairs had names or media outlets names taped to them and rest of us taped out an area on the risers to save our spots on the risers.  Most everyone were amazingly nice and very accommodating.  One photographer Ron Louie was a great guy filling me with info throughout the week and seemed to be the guy everyone knew and talked with.  

          I also found out the first day that some friends we camped with a couple of times a few years, their daughter Rachel Stanga would be walking the runway for 3 of the designers.  It was great seeing them all again and especially seeing Rachel walking the runway.  I think she definitely has a future on the runways, she certainly stood out at each show I shot.

          After going through my photos and looking back at my whole experience I'd have to say I really did enjoy myself.  I learned a lot this week, met a lot of great people and really hope to shoot some more runways in the future.  

         To view all my catalogs from my week at Toronto Fashion Week click on the photo to the right and it will bring you to the Corleve website where all my photos are available for editorial or purchase.  

Rachel Stanga

  • 2016 Toronto Fashion Week

My First Media Day at CIAS

        This past Thursday Feb. 11th I got to spend my first time at the Canadian International Autoshow on Media day.  I was pretty excited to be able to be there to see first hand all the reveals by all the manufacturers and be able to shoot some great photos without many people in my way.  I was also looking forward to checking out the new 2017 Honda Ridgleline.  Although I still had to get up as early as I would normal for work I knew it would be worth it in the long run.

        My day started off watching the Automotive Journalists Association of Canada hand out the award for Canadian Car of the Year.  They chose the 2016 Honda Civic which is built at the Honda of Canada Manufacturing in Alliston where I work full time.  That is a big accomplishment considering we were the lead global plant in the building of the new Civic.  It was great to see Jerry Chenkin president of Honda of Canada showing off the award.  Throughout the rest of the day I leisurely made my way around to all the manufacturers catching some of their reveals of new cars.  Some cars stood out like the Audi RS7, Lincoln Continental and of course the Ford GTT.   I was really looking forward to Honda's reveal of the Ridgeline, but would have to wait till after the buffet lunch the served us after all the cars on level 800 were revealed, then it would be to the North building for the rest of the reveals.

      It was Honda's time and my personal opinion is they did a good job, I like the Ridgeline.  It is really just a Honda Pilot with a box, but it works.  Obviously it's suspension, chassis and some engine components are different from Pilot, but headlights, hood, fenders and instrument panel are all the same.  The Black Edition is a very sharp looking package with everything blacked out, door handles, wheels and grille.  Possibility of one of these in my driveway in the future?  Who knows time will tell.

      My day at the CIAS was a good time.  There wasn't the amount prototypes they usually have and many of the displays were almost identical to last years displays.  I also found some of the reveals didn't have the fireworks I guess I was expecting, but overall I love going to the show and really enjoyed my time.  Until next year!!!

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